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8 Spruce Centre SW
Calgary, AB,

403 452-3960

The Pie Junkie formerly known as The Pie Hole is a proper pie shop, making sweet and savoury pies the way your grandmother did - with love and pride. Our pies are made from scratch with an all butter crust and home made fillings.

We bake sweet and savoury pies fresh each day.  

Pie varieties as listed are available for pre-order. If you'd like to order any of the pies for pick-up tomorrow, place your order before 1 pm today! 

We do catered and customized pies to sweeten your special day.  

 ~ The pie's the limit ~




The Pie Hole brings nostalgia and delicious pastries to Spruce Cliff


Reach for the pie.

Writer Julie Van Rosendaal

As a food trend, pie took a while to debut in Calgary, but it’s making up for lost time....

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The most amazing Australian meat pies in the northern hemisphere!  ~ Bianca Sinclair


I started going to The Pie Hole since the day they opened and I will go back for the rest of the time that they are in business (*fingers crossed* forever). They are always so welcoming and remember me and tell other customers about me which I've never experienced from any restaurant. Try the quiche, the pies, the turnovers the cheesecake, sausage rolls and anything else you can get your hands on. I love that they experiment with new recipes and different ingredients and are always asking the opinions of their patrons. I always feel welcomed and loved at The Pie Hole and would return everyday if it wouldn't completely clog my arteries with delicious fresh ingredients. At this point I would rather marry one of their pies then an actual person!   ~ Bob Lobb


Oh my! Amazing! Hands down, the best pies I've ever tasted (sorry mom).

~ Karen Smith


I placed an order this past weekend, and the pies were absolutely beautiful and they tasted even better! We sampled the Saskatoon berry and coconut cream pies - they reminded us of grandma's and there is nothing better than that! smile emoticon Thank you!  ~ Emily Clegg


Oh my word. I've just had a fantastic mince pie from the Pie Hole. Being British I'm and aficionado of these. This will have to be added to the long list of too-yummy food that can only be bought in limited quantities.

~George Ormerod


I am in awe of the crafmanship behind these pies!!! Hands down the best in town. I've been lucky enough to try several, and I've got to say they're all delicious, but that seafood pie can NOT be beat! Talk about quality and value, for that price it's a steal. My review can't come close to doing this place justice, you've just got to try it!!

~ Chelsea Bennett



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posted Thu, Oct 13, 2016