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Nancy’s mother would always bake pies with her children and when she passed away, Nancy’s daughter, Taya (who has Williams syndrome), asked who would now make pie with her. Nancy told her that she would. When Taya told Nancy that she wanted to make pie for a living when she grew up, Nancy got thinking. 

Nancy knew the challenges that would lie ahead for her daughter and how difficult it can be for people with intellectual challenges to find meaningful and fulfilling employment. Taya loves people and making pie, so Nancy decided to build a place of meaning for her daughter and the idea took off from there! 

Nancy wanted to create a place where people could come to find delicious homemade sweet and savoury pies. A true pie shop. It seemed to Nancy that a whole generation had missed out on what pastry and pie really tasted like.

Pie Junkie quickly evolved into a true passion project. Growing quickly, Nancy was fortunate enough to convince her dear friend Jo-Anne Caza to join as her partner. Pie Junkie would not be where it is today without Jo-Anne. Working together Pie Junkie has kept it’s vision: making an artesian, all-butter pastry pie the way it is supposed to be made. With great pride and passion, Nancy and Jo-Anne are indeed just a couple of pie junkies.


Pie Junkie is based on a few simple concepts:

Make the best pie money can buy using real ingredients.  Our sweet and savory pies are handmade from scratch, using only the finest ingredients, slow-cooked in small batches, poured into our all-butter crust.

We also believe the old adage “you eat with your eyes first”.  That is why every pie we make is not just second to none in taste but looks almost too good to eat.  “Pretty as Pie” in fact!

Pie Junkie embraces the nostalgic past of pie.  The word pie conjures memories of Thanksgiving, Christmas and picnics.  Everyone’s Grandma made the best pie, but the truth is homemade pie has been a dying art for several generations.  We are saving something that, when done well, is not only a great example of the art of baking, but is a dish that is best shared at home with family and friends.  Pie is an edible family tradition.


It is that same sentimental thinking that drives our customer service. Walt Disney said, “Don’t give them what they expect, give them what they love.” That is why we come around the counter to greet our customers, to share their view of the display cooler, while guiding them through our fresh baked rows of near-to-bursting pies and golden brown crusts. We describe each pie’s flavour profile, but also its history. Always remembering kindness first.  

It was a commitment and sensibility to family and friendship that created Pie Junkie.

We proudly make sweet and savory pie in a genuinely handmade way, using seasonal and fresh ingredients. We are unique in our dedication to all things pie.  Customers can visit our local pie shop and experience the “theatre” of piemaking and taste the perfect, hand-made rustic slice of home.


8 Spruce Center SW
Calgary, Alberta
Canada,T3C 3B3

Manufactured In A Facility That Also Processes: Milk, Egg, Wheat, Peanuts, Almond, Walnut, Pecan, Coconut