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Fundraising is an integral part of many schools, teams and organizations to help them achieve their program goals.  Pie Junkie can help you make this happen through our “Easy as Pie” program.  Our locally-owned, hand-made pies are made without the use of fillers or preservatives and are a product that you can be proud to sell.  We offer the option of selling freshly baked sweet and/or savory pie or vouchers for use in any of our stores – whichever you would prefer!



The Pie’s the Limit!

Make a 15% return selling freshly baked sweet and savory pies that make the perfect meal for you and your family!

It’s risk free!  There are no pre-set limits or up-front commitments – you only pay for what you pre-sell.

You can sell either fully-baked pies or vouchers – whatever you choose.

All of our pastry and fillings are made in-house with no preservatives or chemicals – it’s real food!

Pies are baked fresh every day in store and can easily be frozen for your convenience!

A “ Risk Free” Program

Choose Which Pies You Want to Sell – Your group selects from a full range of sweet and savoury pies, including individual or large sweet pies, individual savoury pies, TV dinners, home-made soups, and/or vouchers for future use.  We create custom order forms for your group to use and track their sales.

Pre-Sell with Confidence – Your group pre-sells the items and/or vouchers for 2-4 weeks, collecting the payments as you sell.

Order Tally Time – Once your selling period is over, tally up your orders and send us a summary.

We Do the Math – Our team verifies your totals and calculates your profit. We determine the amount owed to Pie Junkie and the amount you keep.

Fresh Pie Day – We swing into action, crafting and baking your pies fresh for your scheduled delivery day and get your vouchers ready for use.
Your group keeps a generous 15% of all sales! It’s as easy as pie! 

Contact us so we can create a program to fit your group.

For more information please contact

For more information, please contact


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Manufactured In A Facility That Also Processes: Milk, Egg, Wheat, Peanuts, Almond, Walnut, Pecan, Coconut